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 In this edition of Observer Farmer we brings to you an interview with a Turkish business tycoon – Salim Alabeyi in his quest to boost Vision 2016 dreams.

Salim Alaybeyi is the vice president of Molino Company, one of Turkey’s leading and influential business companies in Turkey and was among the high-powered Turkish business delegation, who recently concluded a four-day working visit to The Gambia. Molino Company is based in the city of Konya and the company has huge experienced in the area of commercial and industry work. Besides, the experiment of the industry and commerce passing beyond half century, the company is producing equipment such as  flour, Semolina mill, animal feed plant, biscuit factory and among others. It has become a pioneer of innovations and preliminaries in this sector. The Company has a constructing company delivering over 30 projects all over the world for the food processing lines.

About Molino Company

Molino company is completely a family owned Company founded in 1965 by his late father. The commercial and industrial works of the departed Salim Alancli (Alaybeyi) have initially been continued by himself with wheat merchandise, bakery and miller’s trading until 1964 when he turned into machine manufacturing sector with the establishment of Molino Company.

Molino Company which has laid its foundation in 1965 today is singing the most comprehensive milling projects in this Euro-Asian nation’s 54,000 m2 open and 20,000 m2 covered area and continues its activities in the background having roots and institutional development process in its sector with fast development trend. The Company which recognises its production adventure over 40 years as a whole part with 250 employees in the frame of total quality management from raw material quality to shipments from technological standards to employee quality has successfully performed the process which has international accreditation and post- modern in all production steps.

As a reputable company with 50 years rich history, Molino is active in more than 30 countries all over the world especially in North Africa, where they have more 54 flour, semolina mills and silos, making them number in Algeria. They also have other projects in Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Abu Dhabi, Russia and a host of other countries within Europe and Asia.

“Our policy is supporting governments in their activities and our president is very much committed in ensuring that the Turkish businessmen explore and expand their businesses especially with their brotherly nations in Africa, particularly with The Gambia. The two brotherly nations have a long history of strong bilateral ties that can be undoubtedly utilised into a fruitful and meaningful development projects that can be of importance for both countries.” Salim Alabeyi told Observer Farmer during an interview.

He thus thanked both Head of States of the brotherly nations and their ambassadors for their role in further cementing the bilateral ties.

Alabeyi expressed his proactive stance to support the Gambian leader His Excellency Sheikh professor Dr. Alhajie Yahya A JJ Jammeh and his government so as realise the Vision 2016 agenda of making this country a food self-sufficient nation. This according to him, will become a reality with the recent signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of finance and Economic Affairs.

“The Vision 2016 is not only a Gambian show, it has gone to a level where the brotherly people of Turkey are committed to support the country to boost the Vision 2016 by implementing projects to that effect.”

Commenting on their last Gambia visit, he acknowledged that it was based on the information they got from the past about The Gambia from their friends and that this gave them the impression after being informed of the country’s potentials for one to invest in the beauty and lovely nation (Smiling Coast of Africa).

“I want to establish a complete food processing complex in the country in order to help Gambia in her quest to become a food self sufficiency country, with accordance to the country’s progressive plan of Vision 2016. The leadership and its government are already committed to the course to become a country that will be food self-sufficient and it is just a matter of time to realise these objectives. We are eager to setup this project and we want entrepreneurs in front of us to realise the project together with us,” he stat ed.

Alabeyi expressed optimism of the implementation of the project in  The Gambia  so as to make the country  a giant in terms of food processing.

“Once The Gambia has such a project it will help the country further realise its dreams of becoming a food self-sufficient nation. When the country has such a huge food processing complex the main policy shall be implemented by taking over food self-sufficiency. This will enable the people to consume a high quality food as its national products.”

He indicated that this will simply means the country will depend on its own manufactured products to feed it self, without depending on imported products adding that the Turkish government is fully supporting them to realise their objectives in The Gambia.

The Turkish business tycoon reiterated his stance to establish the project with immediate effect with the cooperation of The Gambia government in order for all the projects could be finalised within a maximum of 18-months.

The Gambia he added, is already importing raw materials and finished products like flour, animal feed among others in the country,while suggesting that it is cheaper to import raw materials that will help add value, and minimize the buying of flour outside the country.

Opportunities for Gambians

“Once a contract is being reached, the first thing we intend to do is to send 120 Gambians to Turkey for a training course. According to him, this is part of their activites before commencing any project. He observed that The Gambia has potential youth who are willing to deliver and therefore once the project is setup it can employ a maximum of 800 people and can also create about 5000 indirect job opportunities through sub-companies who will be supporting their projects.

He further noted that the company that successfully executed all steps from R&D supports to establishing turn-key factory is a leading Company in its sector with its professional behaviors after sales service issues.

“Furthermore, Molino performs its activities in wide-range such as flour and semolina mills, grain silos, seed cleaning units, pulse sieving and packing plants, pneumatic and mechanic conveying systems and beside our company defines its basic principles in all activities as low expenses and high quality flour production,” he concluded.

by Sheriff Barry