Since 1965, MOLINO COMPANY has become “powerful, healthy and viable impulsive force behind the mills sector in Turkey.
I, as head of board, feel proud of our high performance and gaining our success since establishment of our company. If it is considered that this success has been gained in the competitive atmosphere, the radical changes in the macro-economic systems and in the darkness of the political and economic systems; you can explicitly evaluate our level we have reached.

We have worked for new targets with our powerful management team and our financial structure, to be realized hundreds of turn-key projects, flour and semolina mills, silo systems so far and furthermore we have solved the difficulties and as you know that we will continue to solve…

MOLINO COMPANY has begun its experts in 1981 and with exports, MOLINO has bear a title “the first exporter company” in its sector in Turkey and this first export has become an honored activity with realizing to France, which has been developed itself very well in mills sector.

Our firm has kept its leadership in mills sector with R&D activities and has developed marketing strategies and also will continue to keep its place.

I believe that next years will be inspired with hope for us and we will share our success with our employees and our customers as usual.

Dr. Ömer Lütfi ALAYBEYİ