HOMEPAGE Our Environment Policy

Our Environment Policy

MOLINO COMPANY has voluntary promised to work and has established the environment management system by taking the power from its history and mission in its consciousness of taking in hand responsibilities against to the community, customers and environmental shareholders.

The main object of the environment management system:
Not to be given any harmful cause to human beings’ health and environment, to be used the sources with the highest grade, to improve these processes (methods) permanently with the environmental ideas. Furthermore, MOLINO is to ensure that the harmful cause will always decrease as usual from the beginning of our product designs to every production process step. We know that the environmental responsibility should be commered in the community so we are making association with our environmental shareholders about the protection of the environment.

To be successful about our environmental activities:

1. We should not give any concession about chorencing the legal rules and customer conditions.

2. In every activity, we should priority place the protecting condition the potential negativeness against the environment.

3. We should improve our employees’ ideas and levels about the environment.

4. We should continuously rehabilitate of our environmental success.

5. Decreasing the wastages, retransformation and reclamation should be done and should make rational policy about using the natural sources.

6. Energy saving should be done.


We should inspire the adoption ideas to our employees such as “everybody has responsibility against the environment in MOLINO COMPANY”.