We aim to meet our clients requirements in presales and in after sales, meet their expectations in the most optimal way, pursue the development of our company, increase our market share and our competitiveness.

Client satisfaction is the key factor to reach our aims. For this reason, we need to show the necessary care and attention to the opinions and requests of our clients. 

• We need to control and follow up the efficiency of our activities.
• Quality should have the priority in our activities.
• Our employees should work according to defined plans and regulations.
• All types of tret and losses have to be prevented.
• We should improve our quality continuously all the time to sustain our position in changing conditions of the industry.
• As Molino Inc, we need to support our employees as much as we can in terms of lifelong learning and training to develop their knowledge and awareness.
• During our activities, we need to show the necessary sensitivity concerning environment protection.
• We should adapt ourselves on time to technological innovations.
• To provide the best quality, we need to cooperate effectively with our suppliers.
• We need to motivate our employees for working ambitiously and to provide the awareness “quality is the duty and responsibility of all of us”.
• In the supply chain, any employer of a process is considered to be the customer of the preceding process. So, everyone shows the effort to deliver his part faultlessly to the next process.
• Everybody in Molino Inc is responsible for the quality.