1950’s years, the commercial and industrial works of departed Salim ALANÇLI (ALAYBEYI) have initially been continued by himself with wheat merchandiser, bakery and miller’s trading until 1964, have turned into machine manufacturing sector with established MOLINO COMPANY after his son Dr. Omer Lutfi ALAYBEYI graduated from his university education about milling in France.

MOLINO, which has been laid the base foundation in 1965 and today is signing the most comprehensive milling projects of our country in 54.000 m2 open and 20.000 m2 covered area and continues its activities in the background having roots and institutional development process in its sector with a fast development trend.

MOLINO, which recognizes its production adventure over 40 years as a whole part with 250 employees in the frame of total quality management from raw material quality to shipments, from technological standards to employee quality, has successfully performed the process which has international accreditation and postmodern in all production steps.

Our company, that successfully executed all steps from R&D supports to establishing turn-key factory, is a leading company in its sector with its professional behaviours after sales service issues. Furthermore, MOLINO performs its activities in wide-range such as flour and semolina mills, grain silos, seed cleaning units, pulse sieving and packing plants, pneumatic and mechanic conveying systems and besides our company defines its basic principles in all activities as low expenses and high quality flour productions

In all activities, MOLINO heads human and responsibility against human beings as the first step and, has become the first steps forerunner with actualized export volume in its sector. Besides, as MOLINO feels proud of doing assistance to economy of our country and transferring its quality to the countries – from France to Syria, from Morocco to Eygpt, from Dominican Republic to India. 

With the frame of ISO 9001 and 14001 quality management systems, MOLINO will continue in haste its activities with quality and technological differences and also responsibility understanding.


In this way which we set out on behalf of being worthy of you, we thanks to you in order to select us always…